Workers' Comp


WE PLEDGE …a “partner” will represent you in workers’ comp matters handled by the firm and not a lower level associate attorney.

Jeff has represented clients in workers’ compensation matters for nearly three decades. Workers’ Compensation claims are complex matters that Florida Courts have said involve the “myriad of thorny legal and medical issues which accompany even the most fundamental decisions regarding an injured worker’s entitlement to, and a carrier’s liability for, medical treatment.” See Bysczynski v. United Parcel Servs., 53 So.3d 328 (Fla. 1st DCA 2010). For this reason, it is impossible for an injured worker or even a sophisticated employer to “go it alone.” We have decades of experience and stand ready to assist our clients traverse the complicated landscape of workers’ compensation matters.
Our firm practices in every venue in Florida at the trial level and routinely represents clients in appeals to the First District Court of Appeal and, on occasion, represents clients before the Supreme Court of Florida. (workers compensation lawyer Jeffrey Appel in Lakeland)

We also pledge to our clients workers’ comp representation that blends personal involvement with professional work product. As a result, we strive to evaluate cases quickly and resolve them expeditiously when appropriate. However, if your case must go to trial, a partner of the firm will be there for you. We believe this team approach achieves the best results for our clients. We work daily with our clients to reach such outcomes on cases by evaluating, planning, communicating and acting with the team approach in mind.

Finally, we make considerable effort to stay abreast of the ever changing Florida workers’ compensation and related laws. We monitor Florida case law daily and the legislature when appropriate.